Printed circuit board project completed environmental protection self-acceptance inspection publicit


Guangde Dongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. with an annual output

360,000 square meters of double-sided and 120,000 square meters of multi-layer printed circuit board project

(The first phase of the project is 200,000 square meters)

Completed environmental protection self-acceptance inspection

On March 25, 2018, Guangde Dongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd. organized an annual production of 360,000 square meters of double-sided and 120,000 square meters of multi-layer printed circuit board project (the first phase of 200,000 square meters) completed environmental inspection and acceptance site inspection meeting. The acceptance team consists of the project construction unit (Guangde Dongfeng Electronics Co., Ltd.), the environmental assessment unit (Hefei Environmental Protection Science Research Institute), the anti-seepage construction unit (Guangde Yida Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd.), and the waste gas design unit (Suzhou Baochuan Environmental Protection Equipment) Co., Ltd., Kunshan Hengkai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.), monitoring unit (Anhui Boxin Testing Co., Ltd.) and invited three experts (list attached). The members of the acceptance team inspected the construction and operation of the project's environmental protection facilities on site, and listened to the report of the construction unit on the environmental protection implementation of the project and the report on the completion of the project environmental protection acceptance monitoring report, focusing on the use of the surrounding environment, process and environmental protection facilities. After careful and serious inspections and reviewing relevant materials, after full discussion, the project considered that the environmental protection measures in the EIA and the approval documents were implemented, and the opinions of the acceptance expert group were formed, and the project was approved in principle to pass the self-construction environmental protection acceptance.

    According to the "Regulations on Environmental Protection Management of Construction Projects" and the "Notice on Standardizing the Construction Units to Carry out Environmental Protection Acceptance of Construction Projects Completed" (Draft for Comment), the project acceptance report and acceptance opinions are publicized to the public according to law, and the publicity period is 20 working days from the date of publication of this announcement.

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